My debut short film, The Stars & The Stones, was an official selection of the Oscar accredited Calgary International Film Festival and the BAFTA accredited Raindance Film Festival to name just a few.

Based on this success I was flown to Tuscany to direct a stage show to a live audience of four thousand that was simultaneously broadcast on Italian television.

The following year, I was hired to be a Speaker for the Screenwriting Expo in Los Angeles, where I taught a popular class on short film-making, working alongside such luminaries as William Goldman.

As a screenwriter, I have sold three feature film screenplays and numerous short film scripts to international production companies, and have also worked for a Los Angeles talent agency for a year as a Story Analyst.

I Directed Tobias Menzies in my multi-award winning film, The Velvet Abstract, an environmental short produced on six continents, and featuring visual effects talents from Star Wars, The Hunger Games, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avatar, Lost, Game of Thrones, The Martian, and many more. Scored by the world-renowned Composer Jean-Pascal Beintus (The Danish Girl, Argo, Harry Potter, The Imitation Game), the film was part of a recent BAFTA event where I was a panellist on stage for a live Q&A. More about the film and festival news can be found on the official website

My other current short film, The Inuring, is also a multi-award-winning film, that recently screened at the Oscar qualifying Rhode Island Film Festival. More news of its current festival success can be found on the official website:

These are the latest releases of my production company Sunset Aperture.



The productions I have worked on across film and television, along with those I am now attached to that are in pre-production, are all listed on IMDb in a frequently updated resume.



The experience I have gained across the Industry has enabled me to develop my skill set in a variety of roles.  


An update to my reel is currently being developed and will feature clips from the following productions.

The Velvet Abstract
Using a plethora of CG, Animations, and a Narrated poem the film highlights the detrimental damage we are doing to the environment.
The Inuring
A bullied teenage girl finally confronts her sister to drag their fractured past out into the light.

When the Rain Sets In
A poignant love story focusing on the emotional break-up of a couple in their twenties.

The Nomophobe
A drama about a girl’s obsession with her smartphone and what this nomophobia has done to her personal life.


A selection of recent achievements and hired Speaker engagements.

BAFTA Panellist

BAFTA Panellist After being impressed with the website and trailer for

WGGB Film Committee

Writers’ Guild Film Committee Towards the end of last year I was

Director at LSF

Director of the Actor Table Reads at the London Screenwriters’ Festival

Speaker at CS Expo

Speaker at Creative Screenwriting Expo While in Los Angeles at my