Actor Reels

theJamesAs a Director, I have always loved working with actors. Consequently, I have recently expanded on this passion, by launching my service for editing Actor Reels. These reels can be used to acquire an agent, a role, or even to increase the awareness of you across social media.

There is also no time limit on completion. It is your reel. So you have the final sign-off, and the deliverables will not be encoded and sent to you until you are 100% happy with your new showreel.

To help you understand the tiered packages I can provide, I have outlined them all below. I am more than happy to answer any questions before we commence work on your reel, so do please email me using the address at the bottom of this page.

Payment is only accepted via PayPal and must be paid upon commencement of the reel.

Front Row

I will take a front row seat to watch your current reel and provide two pages of notes,  including links to other reels to help you establish the key objectives required to improve your reel. These objectives could be performances and roles needed to round out your reel, or why certain clips will lose the interest of agents.f



There are now so many online platforms for your showreel, each with their own unique encode preferences that it can be challenging to have the exact file they need. Using Adobe Premiere Pro, I will encode your reel for you to the requirements you need, whether it be for Spotlight, Vimeo, or social media.convert-bc


Show Solo

You will provide all of the clips needed for your showreel. These can be uploaded to me using my Dropbox Pro account or shared with me via an online resource. Once I have all of the media we will discuss your requirements in detail. I will commence work straight away using Final Cut Pro and turnaround the first cut of your new reel within 7 days. It will then be tweaked and perfected based on your feedback until you are 100% happy with your showreel. The final file will be delivered to you in a variety of digital formats; Apple Pro Res, Vimeo HD, Spotlight, Compressed, or any other. icon-showreel


Actor Annual

For a one-off payment I will offer you a unique service not offered elsewhere: your new showreel will be updated free of charge for 1 calendar year. Firstly, we will develop and edit your showreel in Final Cut Pro until you are happy with it. Once you have signed-off on it, the reel will be encoded and delivered in a variety of formats for your online use; Vimeo HD, Compressed, Spotlight, Apple Pro Res, and whatever else you require. From the date of commencement, you will have 1 whole year to provide new clips that will edited into your reel free of charge. So no matter how many clips you send through to me throughout the subsequent year, they will be incorporated into your reel to export a new version each time. Why pay for a showreel every time you need one? This unique annual subscription service gives you unlimited updates for 1 year. All of this will be in a contract between us before we begin work.depositphotos_71021451-annual-vector-metal-word-on