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After being impressed with the website and trailer for The Velvet Abstract, BAFTA asked me to be a Speaker for their Screenwriting for Sustainability event. It was a huge honour to be approached by BAFTA, especially to talk on the environmental aspects of my film to an audience of leading environmentalists, journalists, production companies, and agencies.

During this event at the Princess Anne Theatre in the heart of London, I was offered the opportunity by BAFTA to introduce an exclusive trailer for The Velvet Abstract, cut especially for the event itself. Sitting on stage at BAFTA, watching an audience react to the trailer on the big screen behind me, was an extraordinary moment in my career – as was the rapturous applause it received at the end.

As a three team panellist, chaired by the CEO of Kudos TV, I was asked a series of questions about sustainability in film over the course of our one hour slot on stage. Afterwards, I was approached by many of the environmentalists and producers from the audience who expressed compliments about my talk along with showing a keen interest in watching The Velvet Abstract.

The fantastic work BAFTA do for sustainability in film cannot be underestimated, and it was a privilege to be part of their event.

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