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While in Los Angeles at my first Creative Screenwriting Expo, I soon spotted a niche that I was not expecting. Despite the variation of the 300 classes, there was not a single one teaching the importance of Short Films; a discipline that I am both passionate about and have a great deal of experience in.

That week, over dinner with an Editor, I ran into Erik Bauer, the founder and CEO at the time, of Creative Screenwriting Magazine and the event itself. Expressing my concerns about the short film exclusion, he asked me to send him a full outline for a class that I could teach at the next Expo.

After reviewing my proposal, I soon received word that the organisers wished to hire me for the following year as a Speaker for the Creative Screenwriting Expo, the largest of its kind in the entertainment industry.

Short Films: A Short Way To Success

Exploring the techniques that separate the short film format from that of the feature. With a special emphasis on the reasons why this avenue of creativity will lead to career longevity in Hollywood.

As a Speaker at the Expo, I taught filmmakers from around the world, and networked with the key Speakers of the year, along with the leading Panelists. The popularity of the class itself ensured a short film seminar was on the roster ever since.

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