Script Editing 

theJamesMy year-long recruitment as a Story Analyst for an LA Talent Agency, combined with the numerous script editing assignments I have done for Screenwriters, Producers, and Production Companies, both here in the U.K. and internationally, has meant I have worked on hundreds of screenplays. This vast experience enables me to identify missing story beats and dialogue inconsistencies instantly. I then work meticulously throughout the script to provide detailed notes for its improvement.

I care deeply about improving screenplays and writers, as evident by the website I created and run – with over 100 million web hits it is now the world’s most popular website in helping creatives persevere through rejection.

I offer a variety of services as outlined below, and I am happy to discuss any of these by email to help you establish which package is best suited to your current requirements. All payments are by PayPal prior to the work commencing.

Final Drafter

I will import your script into Final Draft and go through the entire screenplay to format every single page and element for you. This has proved to be a very popular service for those currently writing in another software that needs a Final Draft copy for submissions or production. You will be sent the full Final Draft file and a PDF version of it too. Both will be provided within 5 days of receipt. icon256


Short Déjà Vu

If you have  a short film script that you are planning to shoot or send to a competition, I will develop the script to its full potential with 2 separate reviews and detailed notes for an all-in-one price. This includes red notes throughout the script focusing on the dialogue and story beats. In addition to this, you will be provided with 2 pages of notes with each review. There is no time limit on when you can return your script for its second review.d


TV Pilot Ignition

I will provide detailed notes on your TV pilot spec (up to 60 pages) to ignite a thorough rewrite to elevate your script to the required standard for production companies. These notes will be throughout your editable script, along with 3 pages of additional notes, focusing on dialogue, character, and story. I will spend a full day on your script and turnaround the notes within 7 days of receipt. ignition_logo


Feature Teacher

This covers a feature length screenplay up to 100 pages, whereby I drill down into every sentence throughout, to improve each moment and page. The red notes I provide will be throughout your scenes, and will even include grammar and formatting fixes. Furthermore, if I feel you have missed a key story beat within a scene I will even write an example within the scene that you will be free to use as your own. This has proven to be a very popular aspect of my script editing because I actually write a new version within the script where essential. I will spend 2 days working on the feature to focus on every single aspect of its structure. Along with the revision notes, you will also be provided with 5 pages of additional notes to really help you develop the screenplay to its full potential. There is only a 1 week turnaround for this


Additional ServicesPrices on Request
  • Synopsis Review – Helping your rewrite your 1 page synopsis to Industry standards
  • Logline Rewrite – Developing your logline into one that will hook agents and Producers moviedraftlogo
  • Query Letter Review – I will help you write the perfect query letter for your script