Script Writing

theJamesOver the course of my career I have sold 3 feature film screenplays, numerous short film scripts, and have been hired as a screenwriter by production companies in six countries. These paid assignments have provided me with the skill set to deliver a variety of genres and mediums for the required deadline.

As a meticulous screenwriter I take great care in delivering the exact script you need.

To help you understand my areas of speciality, I have outlined them below. I am more than happy to discuss these in detail, including your own specific requirements.

Payment is accepted by PayPal, with a 25% deposit required in advance.

Treatment Packages

I will write a ten page treatment package for your project, no matter what medium it is. This package will be an essential tool for pitching to investors. I will provide a digital copy and a ring bound hard copy mailed to you anywhere in the world.

Price: Available Upon Request

Short Films

I am comfortable in every genre, whether it be drama, thriller, action, or comedy. You dedicate and receive the exact script you need for your production. This is achieved by you sending specific locations and characters, so that you get the script you need, instead of searching for a script that is vaguely close to what you need. A short film is your calling card. I will ensure it is the calling card you want it to be.

Price: Available Upon Request

Feature Films

A production company hired me to write two feature films for them based on their exact requirements. This ensured they had the scripts they needed for investors. Working alongside you I will develop and meticulously outline the script until we are both happy with the outline. Once we are I will write the screenplay and include 3 free rewrites for the all-in-one price agreed at the start of our contract. These rewrites will be based on your own notes, to ensure you receive the feature film you need for shooting.

Price: Available Upon Request