The Inuring

T H E   I N U R I N G

A bullied teenage girl finally confronts her sister to drag their fractured past out into the light


The Inuring tells the story of ALEISHA, an eighteen-year-old girl who shares the family home with her twenty-five-year-old sister CLAUDETTE.

Ever since their Father, TOM, passed away three years ago, the rift between the sisters has grown wider. Aloof to the outbursts and moods of her troubled younger sister, Claudette has instead turned her focus to transforming the once modern home with a vintage decor. She has one room left to infiltrate with her passion for nostalgia, Aleisha’s. But that room is already consumed by nostalgia, with Aleisha’s ache for the protective Father they have lost. Having raised his girls alone, the fragile Aleisha has been left to fend for herself, and has been losing the battle.

After years of avoiding Claudette’s remonstrations, Aleisha reluctantly opens up, and their fractured past is finally dragged out into the light.


After spending six months on the script, James began prepping the film while looking for the ideal location for this dramatic film. From the first meeting, to being on set, was just seven weeks. During this time, the film was cast and crewed up for its Spring shoot.

James joined the art department at the studios on the Saturday before the shoot, to help build the set from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The following day, from 8:00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m., James shot the film on an Arri Amira in 4K. Often used as the go-to camera preference of documentary filmmakers, the Amira enabled James to deliver the specific style he wanted for the film. This style was enhanced further by the shot design James delivered, that meant the camera movement would be dictated by the emotion of the characters.

After the one day shoot, the film was in post-production for six months. This included scoring the film in Los Angeles and having the final original score performed by a forty-piece orchestra for the film. James spent over five weeks in the post house working on the grade with the colourist, before passing to the sound post-production house for the final mix.

The Inuring has won 20 awards at its first 60 film festivals – a one in three win ratio.


Best UK Short Film – Link International Film Festival
Best Director – El Dorado Film Festival
Best Director – Independent Shorts Awards
Best Director – Reading Fringe Film Festival
Best Narrative Short Film – Creation International Film Festival
Best Drama Short – Independent Shorts Awards
Best Short Film – Bottle Smoke Film Festival
Best in Show – Creation International Film Festival
Best Cinematography – Unrestricted View Film Festival
Best Cinematography – Top Indie Film Awards
Best Production – CKF International Film Festival
Best Producers – CKF International Film Festival
Best Acting Duo – Red Corner International Film Festival
Best Acting Duo – Independent Shorts Awards
Best Actress – El Dorado Film Festival
Best Actress – Top Indie Film Awards
Best Actress – Queen Palm International Film Festival
Best Actress – Reading Fringe Film Festival
Best Actress – Alternative Film Festival
Best Actress – The English Riviera Film Festival

Official Selections

Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival (Oscar Qualifying)
National Film Awards
El Dorado Film Festival
Long Beach Indie
Exit 6 Film Festival
Sydney Indie Film Festival
Chilean International Short Film Festival
The Richard Harris International Film Festival
Southern City Film Festival
Liverpool Film Festival
Long Island International Film Expo
Sunderland Shorts Film Festival
Twin Tiers International Film Festival
Fargo Film Festival
Bottle Smoke Film Festival
Portobello Film Festival
Golden Panda International Film Festival
Oregon Short Film Festival
Harrogate Film Festival
Unrestricted View Film Festival
Fort Myers Film Festival
Newcastle Film Festival
Tri Rivers Film Festival
Fastnet Film Festival
Reading Fringe Film Festival
High Peak Independent Film Festival
Wexford Film Festival
Hackney Attic Film Festival
Black Cat Picture Show
London Rolling Film Festival
Hastings Film Fringe
Västerås Film Festival
The Short Cinema Festival
Gozo Film Festival
Silicon Beach Film Festival
Nassau Film Festival
Leicester Film Festival
Durham Film Festival
Waterford Film Festival
Chandler International Film Festival
Southport FilmFest
WIFI Film Festival
The English Riviera Film Festival
Festival Cine Marbella
The F3
The Quay Film Festival
Elche Film Festival
Slemani International Film Festival
West Nordic International Film Festival
Southampton International Film Festival
Move Me Film Festival
Creation International Film Festival
CFK International Film Festival
RGU Film Festival
Creation International Film Festival
Red Corner Film Festival
Alternative Film Festival
Fylde Film Festival
Independent Shorts Awards
The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards
Top Indie Film Awards
Disappear Here Film Festival
Queen Palm International Film Festival
Capitol Hill Classic
The Box Film Festival
Temecula International Film Festival
New Forest Film Festival
Watford Short Film Festival
Link International Film Festival


“The manner in which the film is shot and the stellar performances make the story all the more powerful.” – DC Shorts

“So impressive.” – El Dorado Film Festival

‘Brilliantly directed throughout, A deserved winner.” – Reading Fringe Film Festival

“Very creative and powerful. The direction and shot choices were as much a part of this film’s power as their delivery. Something very special.” – Creation International Film Festival

“One of the best short films of the year.” – National Film Awards

“A very rich image which keeps your eye intrigued.” – The Monkey Bread Tree Awards

“A masterpiece.” – Link International Film Festival

“A powerful short film.” – Liverpool Film Festival

“The strong and powerful message of this 10-minute short is simply too important for anyone to miss.” – Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival

“A masterpiece.” – The English Riviera Film Festival

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