The Stars & The Stones

T H E   S T A R S  &  T H E   S T O N E S 

A man dying of Aids narrates his thoughts about the woman he loves as his own life slips away


This thought-provoking short film was shot with black and white 35mm photography, including all of its visual flashbacks.

It was shot on location in two cities over the course of three weeks between the hours of 3:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. to ensure complete frame isolation for the actress. The photograph featured in this post took two hours of light rigging prior to shooting.

When complete, 160 photographs were developed by hand in the dark room of a leading studio. These were then digitally scanned in and edited during the film’s post-production. It was the debut short film of James. With a limited festival run, the three most notable festival acceptances are listed below.

Official Selections 

Calgary International Film Festival (Oscar Qualifying)
Raindance Film Festival (Oscar Qualifying)

Encounters Film Festival (Oscar Qualifying)


“A cinematic poem.” – Calgary International Film Festival

“Stunning.” – BarbedWire FX

“Powerful and poignant.” – Maverick Media

“Blew us away.” – Six Foot High Films

“We loved it.” – Raindance

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