The Inuring

A bullied teenage girl finally confronts her sister to drag their fractured past out into the light

The Inuring focuses on the impact that bullying has on a teenage girl, Aleisha, who has been systematically attacked for the last three years. On this particular night, she finally confronts her older sister, Claudette, as both sisters drag their fractured past out into the light.

Upon release it was shortlisted from 3000 submissions down to the final 4 for Best Short Film at the National Film Awards in London.

It screened at the OSCAR and BAFTA qualifying 21st Rhode Island International Film Festival, who shortlisted it from 6000 submissions, and chose less than 2% of short films for their Official Selection.

I won Best Director for The Inuring three times, and the film itself won 20 awards at 60 film festivals – a one in three win ratio. These awards included Best UK Short FilmBest Narrative Short Filmand Best in Show.

“The manner in which the film is shot and the stellar performances make the story all the more powerful.”
DC Shorts

“The direction and shot choices were as much a part of this film’s power as their delivery. Something very special.”
Creation International Film Festival

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