The Velvet Abstract

A film about the environmental age set against a plethora of CG, Illustrations, & Animations from a team spanning six continents

After writing this ten page script, I set about designing the twenty-six sequences that would be used to tell this environmental story. These designs took over a year during pre-production in London and Los Angeles. The key for the designs was to use different styles for each sequence, but the same cinematography of dark purple throughout. This colour scheme is used to show the stain of mankind on Earth.

With a pre-production longer than most short films spend on all of their production stages combined, The Velvet Abstract was meticulously prepped before a single artist was hired. For the production I recruited artists to work remotely from their own studios. Spanning six continents, the production had talent working on the film in America; Switzerland; the UK; Germany; Sweden; Australia; Serbia; Austria; Canada; Malaysia; France; Mexico, South Africa, and New Zealand. Individually they have worked on: The Hunger Games; Avatar; The Amazing Spider-Man; Rise of the Planet of the Apes; Shutter Island; The Day After Tomorrow; Star Wars; Lost, and many more.

The film is Narrated by Tobias Menzies and scored by Composer Jean-Pascal Beintus (The Danish Girl, Harry Potter, The Imitation Game, Argo)

The film screened at 75 Film Festivals, winning 14 Awards for Best Film.

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