When the Rain Sets In

W H E N  T H E  R A I N  S E T S  I N

Kenzie and Treyden, a couple who’ve been swept up in a whirlwind six-month romance, find themselves confronting a painful question: Has their love story come to an end?


We have all experienced this pivotal moment in a relationship. Were we actually dating our partner for the wrong reasons? Was the allure of romance used to fill a void in our life? Were we using our partner to recover from a previous relationship?

As KENZIE and TREYDEN sit opposite each other at a bar table late at night, they somberly discuss this, and their love story is revealed through a series of flashbacks that illuminate their conflicting, confused beliefs about their relationship.

This poignant, emotional drama explores how in today’s world, the pressures on a relationship, and the obstacles to staying together, have never been greater. The love story of Kenzie and Treyden is their own, but it also reflects the immense societal challenges that we all face in our intimate lives.


The script won four consecutive script awards, and a pitching contest at BAFTA. This success led to the film being shot earlier this year across multiple locations in two cities. As part of this production, James was sponsored by the Oscar-winning Cooke Optics, who loved the script, and James’s vision for the film.

The film was edited by the Oscar-Nominated Editor of Green Book in Los Angeles.

It will be released in Jan 2021.

More details about the film can be found on its official website.



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